Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bachmann Says HUrricane God's way to send msg

Somebody gonna get hurt real bad. That's what God says every time Republicans need a reason to explain a natural disaster. Forge tthe fact the wind was blowing really hard, it was God specifically sending a message to Democrats to get their act together. Is that the President you want/ Someone so stupid they'll blame God for natural disasters and make light of the DEATHS that occurred as a result for the sake of political gain. We really need someone who makes light of natural disasters? What's worse, if these people believe in a God who bludgeons his own people just to get their attention, then I'm literally shaking in my boots for what other vengeful things are coming down the pipe. Funy though, God doesn't seem to bothered by the richest of the rich who are benefiting off of Republican policies to continue reducing regulations in, oh let's just say, the financial sector. Yea, God's cool with that, but blowing apart poor people on the East Coast, no problem. Get real. I'm fine with believing in God, but don't be trying to run a campaign based on the fact you can or cannot hear God's voice telling you he's about to kill fellow Americans because the right right=wing policy didn't pass. Fail.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Republican Fail

In all facets of economic wrangling be it State or Federal, the Republicans have held their constituents hostage. They want to hold out crippling everyone but the most wealthy just so they can what they want.

How does it work? Who votes for these people? It sucks the very same people getting screwed by terrible policies are the same numnuts who dont 'vote. Will it change? Maybe slowly, but ultimately the Republicans will likely win the next election and continue to destroy anybody middle class and under. So let's say 80% of America.....