Monday, September 20, 2004

Voter Disenfranchised!

Foreign observers arrived in the U.S. today to observe our elections. Specifically, they’re looking for evidence of voter disenfranchisement. Well, that shouldn’t be too difficult to find! Allow me to point them in the right direction…

My vote is disenfranchised by every snowbird yankee who’s registered in both New Joisey and Florida under the Motor Voter Act (NVRA) who votes twice for the dynamic litigating duo. There goes my vote out the window.

My vote is disenfranchised by every illegal alien (emphasis on ILLEGAL) that is allowed to register and vote. You know for whom they’ll be voting. That’ll cancel my vote!

My vote is disenfranchised by every convicted felon allowed to vote courtesy of the efforts of the dynamic litigating duo’s band of brothers who have determined that to lose the right to vote is just too cruel and unusual a punishment. You know for whom the convicted felons will vote, once again nullifying my vote! Birds of feather…

My vote is disenfranchised by every con-artist registered to vote under their name, their dog’s name, their long-dead great grand daddy’s name, and whomever else they invent and register under the remote registration provisions of the NVRA. Again, no stretch of the imagination where those votes are going.

My vote is disenfranchised by the dead folks maintained on the voter rolls because of the difficulties in voter roll maintenance imposed by the NVRA. When Joe Deadguy Jr. votes for his long lost dear old dad, my vote’s been wasted by a dead guy!

My vote is disenfranchised every time I vote on an electronic machine that creates no paper trail. How do I know my vote was recorded? How would they get my vote back if the machine fails?

Republican, Democrat, Independent or Klingon... everyone should be dismayed with the sorry state of our voting controls. Just in the past decade, we've wandered far from being an example to the rest of the world.... another legacy that Bill Clinton leaves with our nation.

Want to do some research on your own… check out these sites:
Cato Institute Study on NVRA Fraud

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Observations From the Football Game: Kerry v Bush

I went to a college game today… noticed a few a things that may interest you… I know they did me…

Rebellious Republicans?...
I was encouraged to see a goodly number of very young college students wearing Bush stickers. As a matter of fact, they seemed to outnumber the somewhat older crowd wearing Kerry stickers. Keep in mind, we’re talking major league college town here, so I’d consider it a Kerry stronghold. I have a couple of theories:

Theory #1: These were simply the incoming freshmen who’s minds haven’t been polluted by their ultra-liberal, underachieving, intellectually minded profs (those would be the older ones wearing the Kerry stickers).

Theory #2: Here’s a more interesting theory… this is simply a generation in rebellion. After all, what’s a young adult to do when the generation(s) before them have slid into such a low state of moral decay that their immorality is untoppable (or unbottomable)? How does one rebel against an older generation that’s already done the worst that you could do? You rebel in the other direction! If you have leadership figures like Bill Clinton, the anything goes moral relevance crowd, ultra-liberal, humanist intellectuals, you rebel by leaning the other direction (that would be to the right).

Perhaps this is society finding moral equilibrium? A few generations rebel by leaning left, until society has reached a point that leaning any further left is self-destructive… at which point it swings back right again. That society gravitates from one extreme to the other seems a given if you examine history. Perhaps generational rebellion is the mechanism by which this phenomenon happens. There’s one for you intellectuals to ponder.

The “nothing will change my mind” crowd….
Don’t you just love it when the ref makes a call against the home team and the crowd boos madly, despite the fact that the ref was standing three feet from the play and most of the crowd is somewhere from three hundred to three thousand feet from the play? And then, the play is replayed on the jumbotron which clearly demonstrates that the ref was right, and the crowd boos wildly again.

This is simply a graphic demonstration of a universal truth…. A great number of people could care less about truth… they simply want their guy to win no matter what. Evidence means nothing. Voting records mean nothing. The very words of their man mean nothing. They are blind to the truth and no matter how big the jumbotron, they won’t see it.

Hysterical weathermen
We’ve seen an awful lot of that lately here in Florida. Now the NCAA has this new rule that if there’s severe weather within ten miles of the stadium, the game will be suspended until it clears. So, we had our normal afternoon thundershower pass through… didn’t even come close to the stadium (five miles by the super-scientific, and generally reliable “one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand” method). But, we had to stop the game for an hour and have 80,000 people panic that they were going to be swept away by weather of Biblical proportions. I’m sick of the weather melodrama. Why can’t we just use a little common sense and get out of it when it gets bad? No… we have to analyze a hurricane from two thousand miles away and get all worked up in a lather two weeks before it actually gets here. I predict we’ll have very few football games in Florida that will be played in less than four hours.

Speaking of Rebellious…
The skirts have gotten so short that you can see their crotch as they walk up the stadium steps. That’s pretty disgusting. Do these girls not think of that before they dress for the game? And don't call me a leering old pervert.... they walk right in front of me while I'm trying to watch the game!

Speaking of Disgusting…
Sorry to be so politically incorrect, but come on flag girls (or flag persons nowadays) and majorettes… please lose some weight! When my wife was a flag girl in the seventies, they had weight restrictions. Of course, we can’t have that in this age of political enlightenment. There were several out there that looked as if they could be playing in the game instead of in the band!

OK… send me the hate mail. I can hear the apologetics now, "You can't discriminate against those poor girls because of their disease." Perhaps the currently rampant disease of low expectations is to blame for their total lack of motivation to maintain their bodies as a temple. Sorry… I just come from a different age.