Sunday, August 3, 2014

Earth to Israel, You should know better

There's a stigma in the US where supporting Gaza in the recent conflict amounts to terrorism. Unfortunately, human empathy dictates that the injustice on civilians on both sides needs to stop. America, however, eats out of the palm of the Israelis and their American supporters (who somehow are Israelis first, then Americans.....) Any attempt to reprimand the alleged atrocities committed by IDF is met with rebuke from the Israeli government. Republicans would love to save Israel, since for many, their constituents have a false belief that the nation of Israel has a roll in return of the Christian Messiah. The issues at hand are complex. Yes, Hamas is terrorism and they cannot rule in Gaza. But no, they are no solely to blame as many Conservatives would have you believe. If you enjoy shooting fish in a barrel then shelling Gaza is your thing. But if you're human, and if you're a Jew ,fo all peope, you should know better what it means to systematically annihilate a people group.