Monday, April 22, 2013

Gun Violence Winners and Losers?

The talk of the nation is gun violence and gun rights. The culture in america is unlike anywhere else in the world. The notion that guns are an inherent right of freedom is so ingrained that in some conversations it's turning asinine. Regardless of the extent of gun violence, or more aptly put, the extent of massacres (no matter the size), there's no change in the solution.

There's still a dichotomy between left and right. Now, more moderates are now swinging in support of gun legislation, particularly restricting automatic rifles (that have no use other than killing people, or as many 'enthusiasts' claim, their right to go to the gun range and shoot).

Obama is pushing this agenda, and he's being met with huge opposition. Albeit the support is growing, the NRA is massive and continues to dominate. Unfortunately, for them, and for everyone, the solutions posed by NRA is in fact more violence and more guns. They could've actually wont his debate by coming up with innovative solutions to violence, yet their old school deterrent remained the same--flood the streets with more guns.

Their solution to gun violence, the NRA, was to put more firearms in more untrained hands and use that as 'protection'. This false sense of security looks more like the streets of Afghanistan, ironically, than the free streets of America.

As it stands there is going to be no changes. Frankly, Americans as a whole don't want them. To take away automatic rifles would be too much of an afront on a culture that has grown to love and cherish their guns connecting them intimately with civil rights. No matter all other progressive societies have rules for guns with only uses in war theaters, this is a cultural issue. There are more guns per capita in many Canadian provinces yet the violence is low. Why? Because of culture (and history).

The OBama camp claims 92% support of background checks, yet somehow Congress can't pass a supposed widely supported bill. The reason? In reality, when massacres happen, people go out and buy guns. Violence is met with violence. (Forget the irony of America supposedly being a Christian nation yet are the most violent and largest supplier/manufacturer/purchaser of arms both privately and by the military).

Yes, there's a tipping point in America when it comes to gun violence, and that tipping point for the NRA is arming everyone. Unfortunately for them, and for gun manufacturers, that won't ever happen. But the converse wo'nt happen either. There's no tipping point in sight for gun legislation. How many more massacres before the bulk of lawmakers and citizens ultimately demand change? Obviously a number more, many more in fact. If decimating school children didn't mobilize a country, little else will.