Friday, February 3, 2017

Moderate Trump?

New President Trump is definitely showing his lack of experience as a politician with a number of his retractions and some ridiculous attempts at bypassing both the legislation and the judiciary with his executive orders. Although a President certainly has the power to enact executive orders, the level of sweeping changes he's attempting to implement are exceptional. His attempted ban on immigration won't meet the test of the courts; he certainly won't waste time complaining on twitter like a petulant child. If there was an attempt to actually unfold some of his promises that will stick he would, a) try to attend a band that included the states and countries that were actually launching point for terrorists that attacked America. Saudi Arabia being chief among them. Instead he's trying to deflect attention ran. and b) what try to unroll executive orders that were in the very least stand some on the challenge rather than being so far out in right-field that they have trouble sticking. That's just the thing, you wonder if this is just a test to see how far you can go before dialing back and rolling out sweeping changes that, in comparison, don't seem as harsh.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Does a day go by when Trump doesn't embarrass himself

Say what you want about Donald Trump, he is doing one thing that's expected, he's rocking the establishment. Despite his announcements being more in tune with his personal status, he's definitely showing he's not a politician, rather an egotistical celebrity looking for the approval of his fence. His fans are the electorate, and they are getting what they're paying for (or rather what they will pay for). A President with no experience, with little grasp of the magnitude of the system, how it works, and even basic fundamentals like the Constitution and the rule of law. You can understand the appeal of challenging the establish political regimes. But it's coming at a cost of somebody who doesn't even know how those systems work. Instead you have a lot of positioning ironically from elite politicians, and nominees no I'm purely based on their contribution to the Republican Party, more interested in personal success and the rise of corporations, made at the expense of average American people. Time will tell whether or not the middle class American who voted for Donald Trump will be pleased with his results. At this point many are already losing faith, so let's see what happens in another year. (I don't think he will be impeached within that time.)