Monday, February 8, 2016

Will Donal Trump Kill the Republican Party?

On the Democrat side it seems to be a coin flip between Hillary and Sanders. On the Republican side? The party is such a train wreck that Donald Trump appears to be the front runner. As incredulous as it sounds an utter incompetent politician (who's never actually been a politician), could conceivably be the next President. Trump's credentials are essentially Mill when it comes to running a country, which is by large utterly different than a large corporation. What's worse is that he is gaining popularity among the uneducated Republican voting class. It goes to show that soothsayers can win votes if the run an effective campaign that captures media attention through celebrity tactics. It's not so much the content, rather the taglines. It's not about the death of ideas, but how easily they can be understood by, again, a largely uneducated voting pool. I can't imagine how feels right now to be a Republican I literally watch your party implode. In that regard this is perhaps the best thing that could happen to them because it will open the door to complete reform. This might be the shift needed change Republican party forever. Frankly, this country needs it, because as it stands right now they have utterly totally and completely lost their way.

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