Monday, June 6, 2016

Trump Presses on in Republican Race

It seems as though what seemed inevitable not mere months ago is now going to happen. Donald Trump will win the Republican primary and become the presidential nominee for the party. There is considerable infighting within the party, but over the past number of months there has been little doubt who is the unmitigated frontrunner. What are we to attribute his popularity? His supporters believe that he is the change necessary to bring balance to, ironically, a corrupt government taking care of only the elite. How billionaire Trump become the face of hope largely has to do with his rhetoric. His lack of political experience is the source gain within the party, and also the biggest problem if you were to win office. At this point it seems the presidential race will be between Trump vs. Clinton. May the best man or woman win, (and at this point it seems all the polls point to a woman).