Thursday, March 31, 2011

Republicans Lie, Again

It's all about the right wing agenda.

Three months ago Republicans hit the House with majority and say it's all going to be about jobs, after all that's what's holding this country back.


Did they ram through any legislation to help jobs?


But as this article laments, they have created rules for the IRS to ask anyone audited if they've had an abortion. Good win you idiots. (hey do dudes need to naswer the same question?)

Credit Card Scam

If you've every tried to start a business then you know that in order to accept credit cards you take a hit of between 2-4% that goes directly to the merchant (VISA or MASTERCARD).


Because they want 12 billion in profits a year.

And if they have their way, legislators will let die a bill that will prevent the ridiculous fee.

That's 12 billion back to consumers BTW (or 12 billion in the pockets of businesses).

Regardless, unscrupulous and unreasonable charges from banks have brought them billions. They don't want to give it up for no other reason than greed. Pathetic.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snyder in Mich Stealing from Poor giving to rich?

Monsanto runs the government?!?!?!

I understand fiscal conservatism, but why do Republicans insist on destroying Michigan?

Snyder is doing what any fiscal conservative would do with a budget shortfall--increase taxes thus increasing spending.

OK, So who will be facing cuts?

Seniors and low income.

1.8 billion

Who gets the money? The budget shortfall? No, big corporations with big taxes.

Yes, Republicans should be VERY proud that we continue the spiral of fattening the wealthiest among us........

So, I also get cutting back on salaries, government workers, etc. But if we pull funding from local officials only to replace them with appointed Republican Snyder cronies... Uh oh.

Anywho, would to hear from the other side too.

And not the 'Republican' side, I think Democrat or Republican both have been selling out.

Incredible BMX Race

in Chile'

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unions are Communists in Disguise


Please, stick around for a conversation, unlike the Democrats who high-tailed it out of Wisconsin. But please, don't be an idiot and liken unions to communists.

You're unfortunately an uneducated fool if you do.

In the case of Madison its the public-sector unions in the spotlight. Maybe we need more private sector unions to help out the wage gap. Do CEOs really deserve 100s of billions in bonuses every year? It's a rock and hard place dilemma in Madison cause it seems that there is a conflict of interest in public-sector unions fighting against the tax payers and voters by trying to effectively overturn the election results in Wisconsin.

I'm not naive to assume the Unions are simply defending the workers well being and their livelihood, there's always a bigger picture. But it had nothing to with patriotism or communism.

Follow this closely, it might start something in the US that will make us all better off, wel lmaybe not the top 1000 wealthiest, but they can go live their days in Cuba if they think this country is ripping them off.

Anyways, I gotta head off and pick somethings up at Wal-Mart. after all, they do have the cheapest prices, post the biggest profits, have the largest bonuses, and pay their workers the least. I like (not.)

Pray for Japan

The devastation is unimaginable. Keep them in your prayers. And don't send them socks....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We aint broke

Wouldn't mind seeing evidence for his claims about the top 400.

I do agree, however, that it' sightly clear there is a huge wage disparity in this country....