Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tesla opens all their patents to open source

It's a stunning move. A corporation moving away from the hoarding of patents, and instead, opening them up for all. A corporation rather than stifling innovation, working hard to move it forward in their industry. THat's what Tesla continues to do--move the electric car market forward. There is pushback from nearly every possible walk of life in their industry. Car manufacturers dont want them to succeed, car dealers don't want to sell their cars. The industry itself is set to reinvent itself, and this move will spur that along. Of course, there are ulterior motives. If companies us their patents Tesla essentially controls the entire electric market because everyone will use their stuff, like their batteries..... It's a risk and the only payoff is in the long long run. We'll see if Tesla survives until then.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

World Cup 2014 Brazil opens to fanfare and controversy

It seems nowadays few countries can pull off large sporting events. Olympics or World Cups lead to heavy debt loads. That doesn't bode well for countries with significant social issues. Brazil is one. they will do both (WC and Olympics) in the next two years. Today the WC opened to much fanfare. This is, after all, the largest sporting event the world sees. So many countries, so many participants, so much attention. It's exciting, but it comes at a cost that the average Brazillian laments in between games.