Monday, November 7, 2011

Chinese Imports vs California Manufacturing Sector

A previous post describing the need for individuals to change their buying behavior was popular with readers. Essentially it said if we want to usher in change it's not going to be by storming Wall Street or joining OWS, but by our own votes, the votes we make with our dollars and common sense.

Well here's some more food for thought to back up what I was saying before about the rise in imports from foreign countries. (My example used China, there are others, but China is the largest and the issue with them doesn't just merely stem from too much importing, but also that importing means they hold even more US debt, which leaves us in a growing problem of financial powerloss.)

If you do'nt believe me when I had the Chinese imports to China in (kg), then take a look at correlating data from a similar time period (2000-2010) on the wages in the the manufacturing sector.

The drop is around 30% in ten years. Can we afford another 30% in another ten years? I understand we diversify, but there's a huge drop in those employed by the manufacturing sector. IN a time when jobs are at a premium and we're struggling to employ 1 out of every 10 eligible workers, well we gotta find ways to increase local production. We have the human capital but not the policy to employ our own.

Again, all stemming back from the desire for cheap goods and of course, higher profits. We all have apart in this.

Again thanks to the group at CC Legal, San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyers providing us with the stats.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't Blame China, Blame you - Consumption

You can blame Regan economics for letting loose the reigns that protected American jobs from shipping overseas. You see, the push for cheaper goods means the most expensive elements needs to be eliminated, that of course is labor costs. Wages are the single highest expense for any company (usually).

So the likes of Walmart or Target, or heck any big box retailer, is to pay their grunts minimum wage, reduces costs all around (hey, let's face it, many are masters at efficient production/delivery), and of course, import goods from overseas (it's way cheaper you see.)

At the end of the year, greedy executives will reap the rewards of million dollar profits with million dollar bonuses. forget the notion that this greed is unbridled and will never filter down to peasants, no, we've got a bigger problem.

The problem is ourselves. Stop blaming executives. Yes, we know, they make way too much money. But aren't they living the dream we're all pursuing? MORE MORE MORE? When is MORE enough? probably never unless you have some serious morals/upbringing.

I digress.

We all feel we're entitled to more and now we're jealous of those who have way too much (I think we're also pissed they exploit so much too....just saying.) BUT, it's our own demand for certain things that's fueling the problem. We all want nice things, we all want more money, and we all want to consume more. However, that cosumption needs to come at a better price.

we all want more but want to pay less.

that's the problem. our consumer attitude demands that goods be created elsewhere. american jobs are directly correlated to the demand for low cost goods. The need to remain competitive outweighs the long term consequences of job loss.

America's population doesn't grow by 20% each year, not even 10%. Yet, we import more and more each year from foreign countries, namely China.

Take a look at this graph for imports to California from China since 1997:

Each year other than the debacle in 2009 saw an increase between 10-20% year over year. That's a LOT of stuff coming in, and it's not slowing down.

So the answer to the problem of jobs and income? Well part of it is you, and what you demand, and the expectations you have to pay. Sure, regulations may help, but you need to demand for it first.

Can you handle it? Or do you insist on your cheap Disney junk and Jersey Shore shirts, or *fill in blank here*?

CCLegalgroup, a group of San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyers provided us with the stats, thanks.

How not to start a movement

don't flounder around making a mess and randomly demanding stupid items that make you look like a fool.

the occupy movement is not in fact a movement.... ok maybe it is, anything that can mobilize people around the country (and world) is a movement. but a movement also doesn't die right when it starts, and certainly has some element that's recognizable.

occupywall street does not have said items. in fact, it's hard to tell what they're about. Now, I'ma ll for reform, certainly, but I also know two things.

a) reform is hard because politicians who ultimately have the biggest role to play have the most to lose. they're largely funded by the same people OWS pickets against.
b) in order to change the politician you need to vote them out, but again, see above, all the money comes from people who want a particular viewpoint support and they'll get what they want, plus nobody poor votes (over generalization but you get the idea.)

The economy is so complex that joe plumber from arkansas walking up to washington to fight for his rights and entitlements is clueless how to impact the process.

stop being idiots, if you want change then start at the grassroots level and start educating people to make different choices. those choices probably mean changing consumer behvaior from everything ranging from goods to tv shows.

on the flip side if you're on the movement team, then actually have a centralized voice, some demands, anything! mobilize people towards single vision or goals. if everyone has their own agenda nothing gets done.

at the end of the day ows is going to cost taxpayers money, which is fine, if it accomplishes something it sets out to do. right now they don't know waht that is.

in my mind ows will fail. in this form at least.

but the next form that continues to build upon the disparity that's constantly growing, well that might stick....and that could break this whole thing loose.

as for now, wall street execs are laughing all the way to the bank.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bachmann Says HUrricane God's way to send msg

Somebody gonna get hurt real bad. That's what God says every time Republicans need a reason to explain a natural disaster. Forge tthe fact the wind was blowing really hard, it was God specifically sending a message to Democrats to get their act together. Is that the President you want/ Someone so stupid they'll blame God for natural disasters and make light of the DEATHS that occurred as a result for the sake of political gain. We really need someone who makes light of natural disasters? What's worse, if these people believe in a God who bludgeons his own people just to get their attention, then I'm literally shaking in my boots for what other vengeful things are coming down the pipe. Funy though, God doesn't seem to bothered by the richest of the rich who are benefiting off of Republican policies to continue reducing regulations in, oh let's just say, the financial sector. Yea, God's cool with that, but blowing apart poor people on the East Coast, no problem. Get real. I'm fine with believing in God, but don't be trying to run a campaign based on the fact you can or cannot hear God's voice telling you he's about to kill fellow Americans because the right right=wing policy didn't pass. Fail.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Republican Fail

In all facets of economic wrangling be it State or Federal, the Republicans have held their constituents hostage. They want to hold out crippling everyone but the most wealthy just so they can what they want.

How does it work? Who votes for these people? It sucks the very same people getting screwed by terrible policies are the same numnuts who dont 'vote. Will it change? Maybe slowly, but ultimately the Republicans will likely win the next election and continue to destroy anybody middle class and under. So let's say 80% of America.....

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Japan on Nuclear Power

As Germany aims to remove all nuclear power plants in a decade or so, Japan can't rule it out.

I don't blame them, they can't generate power in mayn ways on an island so small and so full of people, and more importantly, so few in natural resources.

So is that it then? Back to nuclear and crossing the fingers till the next disaster?

Well for some reason nobody is paying attention to the technology of thorium plants. Maybe it's the nuclear lobby?

Check out what this ex-NASA employee has to say:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Econometrics and the Death Penalty


Quite a bit.

Any economist will tell you that polls and stats are irrelevant.

Like the 'fact' that 5 out of every 10 stats are made up including this one.

Truth be told any data set can be manipulated to deliver support for any conclusion. You have your opinion then you massage a data set to reveal the results you want. It's not dishonest, it's just possible.

This paper puts into question the methods of derving support, among other things, for the death penalty. Of particular interest in this paper is the WSJ 2007 article that correlated data with death penalties and # of lives saved.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Follow the Evidence!

It bemuses me how politicians will only do what's convenient rather than what's supported by evidence.

I guess I should be surprised. Nor should the electorate when something stupid goes down.

take Canada for instance. Their crime rate has decreased around 15% in the past ten years.

The response from the newly elected Conservative government (think mini-republicans)?

Increase spending for new prisons. The prison budget increases 20%. As well, Canada being 10% the size of America population wise, they will go ahead and purchase new F35 fighter jets. Spending that is a low estimate of the actual cost. The cash could pay down about 15% of the Canadian debt........

Talk about a problem with priorities.

Not that we're any better.

Friday, April 22, 2011

White Republicans to Get more Republican

As if it's possible! But the trends with demographics in the country point to an increase cultural diversity. Some findings pointing to non-white typically voting with a slant to the Dems, and existing Republicans going further right.

However, young Republicans don't seem to be going with their older counterparts. young white voters are more Democratic.

Let's see how this shapes up in 2012.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So left you're wrong

A demonstration that American politics consists of two parties that are slight left of center and slightly right of center and little to the extremes came amidst some comments from South American leaders who sit way on the other side of the spectrum (the left side).

Hugo isn't so happy with the Obama administration, hoping for a bit better.

I guess you can't win.

But then again, I doubt you should listen much to what Chavez has to say.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Republicans Lie, Again

It's all about the right wing agenda.

Three months ago Republicans hit the House with majority and say it's all going to be about jobs, after all that's what's holding this country back.


Did they ram through any legislation to help jobs?


But as this article laments, they have created rules for the IRS to ask anyone audited if they've had an abortion. Good win you idiots. (hey do dudes need to naswer the same question?)

Credit Card Scam

If you've every tried to start a business then you know that in order to accept credit cards you take a hit of between 2-4% that goes directly to the merchant (VISA or MASTERCARD).


Because they want 12 billion in profits a year.

And if they have their way, legislators will let die a bill that will prevent the ridiculous fee.

That's 12 billion back to consumers BTW (or 12 billion in the pockets of businesses).

Regardless, unscrupulous and unreasonable charges from banks have brought them billions. They don't want to give it up for no other reason than greed. Pathetic.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snyder in Mich Stealing from Poor giving to rich?

Monsanto runs the government?!?!?!

I understand fiscal conservatism, but why do Republicans insist on destroying Michigan?

Snyder is doing what any fiscal conservative would do with a budget shortfall--increase taxes thus increasing spending.

OK, So who will be facing cuts?

Seniors and low income.

1.8 billion

Who gets the money? The budget shortfall? No, big corporations with big taxes.

Yes, Republicans should be VERY proud that we continue the spiral of fattening the wealthiest among us........

So, I also get cutting back on salaries, government workers, etc. But if we pull funding from local officials only to replace them with appointed Republican Snyder cronies... Uh oh.

Anywho, would to hear from the other side too.

And not the 'Republican' side, I think Democrat or Republican both have been selling out.

Incredible BMX Race

in Chile'

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unions are Communists in Disguise


Please, stick around for a conversation, unlike the Democrats who high-tailed it out of Wisconsin. But please, don't be an idiot and liken unions to communists.

You're unfortunately an uneducated fool if you do.

In the case of Madison its the public-sector unions in the spotlight. Maybe we need more private sector unions to help out the wage gap. Do CEOs really deserve 100s of billions in bonuses every year? It's a rock and hard place dilemma in Madison cause it seems that there is a conflict of interest in public-sector unions fighting against the tax payers and voters by trying to effectively overturn the election results in Wisconsin.

I'm not naive to assume the Unions are simply defending the workers well being and their livelihood, there's always a bigger picture. But it had nothing to with patriotism or communism.

Follow this closely, it might start something in the US that will make us all better off, wel lmaybe not the top 1000 wealthiest, but they can go live their days in Cuba if they think this country is ripping them off.

Anyways, I gotta head off and pick somethings up at Wal-Mart. after all, they do have the cheapest prices, post the biggest profits, have the largest bonuses, and pay their workers the least. I like (not.)

Pray for Japan

The devastation is unimaginable. Keep them in your prayers. And don't send them socks....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We aint broke

Wouldn't mind seeing evidence for his claims about the top 400.

I do agree, however, that it' sightly clear there is a huge wage disparity in this country....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Opposing Freedoms

Someone recently asked me why the political left oppressed freedoms?

I sorta sat stunned, but only for a second. You can certainly post here how the political left is a step away from communism (that's fear mongering and not conducive to any form of intellectual dialogue).

But for the rest of us, here are a few ways the conservative RIGHT makes WRONG when it comes to freedoms.

They bar freedoms from: equal rights movments, muslims, gays, immigrants (AZ), marijuana (that one is a bit sketch), marriage, abortion, medicare, and heck, if your'e poor, then capitalism too !

(Ok the last one was tongue in cheek.)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Obamacare Legit?

Forget the fact we pay the most for healthcare than any other developed nation (maybe not the most, but it's among the highest), and that includes those with universal healthcare.

I want to know how we'll pay for healthcare (we can't do it now) when the majority of the population needs it (baby boomers anybody?)

I'm scared cause it's my taxes that will have to go to those old farts who put me into a mountain of eternal deb.t

But one more thing, the COST of medicare.

Would you chose to have medicare for all for the same price, or pay more for health that's available only to some?

I know it' snot that simple, but there's something to be said about the money we spend and the lack of services we receive. It's a huge deal.