Wednesday, November 1, 2017


It's hard to follow the news these days. When the indictments of Manafort hit the news, Fox NEWS refused to cover it. They had a bogus coverage on emjoiis. Yes, the hamburger emoji. Can you believe it? I can, and the worst part is, apart from the sheeple who only consume the news that makes them feel good, it makes people distrust media as a whole. That's how Donnie's 'Fake News' caught momentum. He's right in a way. What he's not right in, and what's so blatantly obvious, is how much he's trying to deflect Russia attention to the Democrats. Wow, you'd think Hillary is President given the stuff he says. No matter. The FBI is conducting their methodical investigation and the pieces are starting to fall. Great news if you're a patriot. If you're having trouble following the events here is a Twitter summary worth checking out.

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