Friday, February 13, 2015

Worst Drought to Come? Climate Change to Blame?

Apart from the naysayers, who are few and far between, who deny climate change, most rational people understand that our impact on the earth is affecting the climate. The very real ways we are noticing that not only is the earth getting warmer but is also having a huge impact our environment. It's a devastating impact. Hurricanes are longer, typhoons are stronger, and snowstorms are bigger. Culturally America has to deal with these your consumerism. We have been developed to one and take whatever it is we need and have come to expect I will get it. Now ignoring a lot of rule parts America, We have taken things like freshwater, and clean water, for granted. Some places there shouldn't even be water are getting this stuff just live but also to, shockingly, water their lawns. There's a level of cultural change that needs to happen as we attempt to figure out ways to reduce our water draw. The fact remains as we are finding it harder and harder to keep our aquifers in intact. A recent study has adjusted that America is due to experienced the worst drought in 1000 years. I'm not sure who is recording thousand years ago but the fact remains there's a water problem. How we deal with it and how we'll be forced to change because of it remains to be seen. Welding is for sure it's here and now, for many it's not news at all call about for the rest of us there's a shift coming that we need to pay attention to.