Friday, April 28, 2017

100 days and?

What has the President done, legitimately, at a macro scale, other than repeal numerous bills? I'm genuinely interested in now what policy initiative or successful change has happened in the past 100 days, and pissing off liberals doesn't count.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Deflect Attention, Quick! It's a trap!

If you have some of the lowest approval ratings ever for a President, what do you do? Well your advisors will tell you to brew up some deflection. What better way to appeal to the hungry American masses then a sensational story? Well rightly or wrongly, Trump quickly intervened in Syria after a devastating chemical attack by the Russian supported Asad regime. Rockets destroyed an airstrip/airbase in retaliation. Not to be outdone, the rhetoric with North Korea, and their race to become nuclear capable, is also taking away attention from the problems at home. Trump can do well to focus attention away from his Russian ties with wars on two fronts. North Korea would be an easy win. Not sure if the country wants to do it though. Any notion that war is better for the economy isn't an economist. Billions in war tools is better spent at home in domestic consumption.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Moderate Trump?

New President Trump is definitely showing his lack of experience as a politician with a number of his retractions and some ridiculous attempts at bypassing both the legislation and the judiciary with his executive orders. Although a President certainly has the power to enact executive orders, the level of sweeping changes he's attempting to implement are exceptional. His attempted ban on immigration won't meet the test of the courts; he certainly won't waste time complaining on twitter like a petulant child. If there was an attempt to actually unfold some of his promises that will stick he would, a) try to attend a band that included the states and countries that were actually launching point for terrorists that attacked America. Saudi Arabia being chief among them. Instead he's trying to deflect attention ran. and b) what try to unroll executive orders that were in the very least stand some on the challenge rather than being so far out in right-field that they have trouble sticking. That's just the thing, you wonder if this is just a test to see how far you can go before dialing back and rolling out sweeping changes that, in comparison, don't seem as harsh.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Does a day go by when Trump doesn't embarrass himself

Say what you want about Donald Trump, he is doing one thing that's expected, he's rocking the establishment. Despite his announcements being more in tune with his personal status, he's definitely showing he's not a politician, rather an egotistical celebrity looking for the approval of his fence. His fans are the electorate, and they are getting what they're paying for (or rather what they will pay for). A President with no experience, with little grasp of the magnitude of the system, how it works, and even basic fundamentals like the Constitution and the rule of law. You can understand the appeal of challenging the establish political regimes. But it's coming at a cost of somebody who doesn't even know how those systems work. Instead you have a lot of positioning ironically from elite politicians, and nominees no I'm purely based on their contribution to the Republican Party, more interested in personal success and the rise of corporations, made at the expense of average American people. Time will tell whether or not the middle class American who voted for Donald Trump will be pleased with his results. At this point many are already losing faith, so let's see what happens in another year. (I don't think he will be impeached within that time.)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Results in Trump is the new President Elect, White People Rejoice

In an epic and stunning victory that few predicted, and you had the sense few in the Republican party even saw coming, Donald Trump, the man behind the Apprentice, will be America's next President. Just when you thought Britain when full crazy with Brexit, you had the sense America could do the same with Trump, and they did. Not only was the victory a shock, it was also a boon for Republicans who now control House, Senate, and Presidency. Bush v Gore was closer, this one was a shock, but uncontested. How did it happen? How were pollsters so wrong? (And I'm talking VERY wrong in their assessment, the American people all saw the polls, but millions were happy to keep their vote tucked to their chest and cast a ballot for Trump on election day).

A few reasons:

  • The main motif, ironically appears to be one built out of a white-middle-class industrial complex. Despite very little in terms of a coherent platform, Trump appealed to the emotions of an electorate tired with putting up with the 'elites'. Wall-Street, career politicians, the kinds of people who are far and away from the upper echelons of society (ironic again because they voted for an elite as well, albeit 'self' made). The hatred for Hillary was enough to vote for the honestly of Trump, and he's not many things, but telling things exactly how they are is a strong suit that fits a lot of working class people, however, it comes with a problem.
  • The Trump vote also associates his voters (mostly whites) with the things he said, which in many ways are scary if you happen to be a minority of any kind. Xenophobia, homophobia, gender, isalamphobia, etc., were all topics that white people have a vested interest in--ways to keep things the same--retaining systemic power and privilege. There's no saying what may transpire out of a Trump regime, but minorities are worried, some even afraid
  • Along with the vote was a staunch conservative backing, particularly from evangelicals, which, again the irony, voted for a man whose character was absolutely the anti-thesis to the supposed faith of voters. There's apparently a way for the left hand to do what the right doesn't know, and evangelicals were happy to throw their full support in the ring behind Trump despite the hatred of the other (the opposite of a critical Christian tenant). 
  • Lastly, the number of Democrats who didn't vote was staggering. Almost 6 million didn't arrive at the polls which gave very close votes, particularly in Ohio, Minnesota, maybe Florida, and Vermont. Democrats committed suicide by rigging the nomination in favour of Hillary. It seems many wanted Sanders, and their anger kept them away from the polls and lead to a Trump victory. 

There will be a lot of questions over the next four years, in paritcular how many outlier things Trump will actually do rather than things he just said he would. One will leave white people angry, the other will leave minorities afraid. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trump Somehow inching closer

With the US election one week away somehow republican nominee Donald Trump, is closing the gap against Hillary Clinton. What's causing the shift? Pollsters don't always tell the whole story, but it does seem as though the demographics remained unchanged. Middle-class whites are staunchly supporting Trump. Clinton's ill-timed FBI connection to her email scandal, that resurfaced this past week, probably didn't help. What seemed to be set for, just weeks ago, I'm absolutely blowout, is now looking like more of a race. What is shocking to the moderate middle is how this shift is even conceivable. Where is Trump even getting his votes? The disdain for Hillary is SO huge that Trump is reaping the benefits, but that would mean an enormous amount of tunnel vision to ignore the sheer magnitude of inexperience and incredulous things coming out of Trump's campaign (and literally his mouth.) We'll find out Tuesday.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Brexit and then Trump? Is it possible racism will prevail in the US?

There's not a single pollster, not even in the Republican Party, that has Donald Trump's wrecking ball in front. Although Clinton has had her share of problems, particularly with the email scandal that just won't go away, Trump has so many legal battles of his own to further hurt his chances. Arguably the most polarizing figure to run for presidential election in recent memory, he's also so far behind that many have guaranteed his win. But there's still a vocal group that are stanch supporters. Unfortunately, the media enjoys a story, and too often Trumps supporters come from a very specific demographic including: xenophobes, homophobes, and racists. Essentially every conservative or religious person will be voting for Trump. That also brings to the forefront the issue WHY, despite the character assassinations, and mostly from his own doing, Trump isn't losing even more support. The scary thing is the reason is probably because he's able to hit a dormant cord with a sizeable minority of people that want the 'good ol days' when jobs were plentiful and ethnic minorities were largely non-existent. The level of vocal support for some of the most troubling aspects of the Republican campaign surround the closing of borders and downright hatred of anybody who doesn't look right (right = caucasian). This is the same kind of thing that lead to Brexit. A largely fearful and easily swayed demographic, that proved to be just enough of a majority, that opted for the fear of the 'other' (immigrants), over more important things like economic policies. Speaking of which, there don't seem to be any solid plans other than outlandish and shocking statements designed to garner votes. Perhaps similar to Obama's victory, the idea or the vision speaks more than the policy (or lack thereof), and Trump's vision is an America of old, complete with segregation, a rewind of civil rights, and the reduction of women's rights. Or at least that's what's at stake if you listen to the bulk of media coverage, or most of what Trump has to say (I mean honestly, there were cringe worthy moments during the televised debate....)