Monday, September 20, 2004

Voter Disenfranchised!

Foreign observers arrived in the U.S. today to observe our elections. Specifically, they’re looking for evidence of voter disenfranchisement. Well, that shouldn’t be too difficult to find! Allow me to point them in the right direction…

My vote is disenfranchised by every snowbird yankee who’s registered in both New Joisey and Florida under the Motor Voter Act (NVRA) who votes twice for the dynamic litigating duo. There goes my vote out the window.

My vote is disenfranchised by every illegal alien (emphasis on ILLEGAL) that is allowed to register and vote. You know for whom they’ll be voting. That’ll cancel my vote!

My vote is disenfranchised by every convicted felon allowed to vote courtesy of the efforts of the dynamic litigating duo’s band of brothers who have determined that to lose the right to vote is just too cruel and unusual a punishment. You know for whom the convicted felons will vote, once again nullifying my vote! Birds of feather…

My vote is disenfranchised by every con-artist registered to vote under their name, their dog’s name, their long-dead great grand daddy’s name, and whomever else they invent and register under the remote registration provisions of the NVRA. Again, no stretch of the imagination where those votes are going.

My vote is disenfranchised by the dead folks maintained on the voter rolls because of the difficulties in voter roll maintenance imposed by the NVRA. When Joe Deadguy Jr. votes for his long lost dear old dad, my vote’s been wasted by a dead guy!

My vote is disenfranchised every time I vote on an electronic machine that creates no paper trail. How do I know my vote was recorded? How would they get my vote back if the machine fails?

Republican, Democrat, Independent or Klingon... everyone should be dismayed with the sorry state of our voting controls. Just in the past decade, we've wandered far from being an example to the rest of the world.... another legacy that Bill Clinton leaves with our nation.

Want to do some research on your own… check out these sites:
Cato Institute Study on NVRA Fraud

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