Friday, July 13, 2007

Advanced Republican Obstructionism

Filibusters Are Bad Only When Dems Do It
Republicunts are fucking evil and obstructionists to the core, as if you haven't realized it. But it's much, much worse than most people realize. From Hilzoy :

Remember the Congressional Ethics Reform package, for instance? It passed both houses of Congress by substantial majorities: 96-2 in the Senate, and 396-22 in the House. And yet, strange to say, the Republicans are refusing to let it go to conference, where both houses agree on a uniform final version of the bill to enact.
Party over country or the voice of WE THE PEOPLE, the Republicunt party is representing their corporate masters, and of course, themselves. But it gets better...

And now, for their latest trick, they have decided to filibuster all legislation on Iraq, including of the amendments to the Defense Appropriations Bill.The vote on cloture for this amendment, which would have allowed a straight vote to occur, was 56-41. All the Democrats, Bernie Sanders, and seven Republicans voted for cloture; the rest of the Republicans plus Joe Lieberman voted against.

If you need any more reasons to drink heavily, or just plain get pissed off at the way we have become a fascist country, read the entire post at Osbidian Wings . Arrrggghhhh!!

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