Monday, October 31, 2011

How not to start a movement

don't flounder around making a mess and randomly demanding stupid items that make you look like a fool.

the occupy movement is not in fact a movement.... ok maybe it is, anything that can mobilize people around the country (and world) is a movement. but a movement also doesn't die right when it starts, and certainly has some element that's recognizable.

occupywall street does not have said items. in fact, it's hard to tell what they're about. Now, I'ma ll for reform, certainly, but I also know two things.

a) reform is hard because politicians who ultimately have the biggest role to play have the most to lose. they're largely funded by the same people OWS pickets against.
b) in order to change the politician you need to vote them out, but again, see above, all the money comes from people who want a particular viewpoint support and they'll get what they want, plus nobody poor votes (over generalization but you get the idea.)

The economy is so complex that joe plumber from arkansas walking up to washington to fight for his rights and entitlements is clueless how to impact the process.

stop being idiots, if you want change then start at the grassroots level and start educating people to make different choices. those choices probably mean changing consumer behvaior from everything ranging from goods to tv shows.

on the flip side if you're on the movement team, then actually have a centralized voice, some demands, anything! mobilize people towards single vision or goals. if everyone has their own agenda nothing gets done.

at the end of the day ows is going to cost taxpayers money, which is fine, if it accomplishes something it sets out to do. right now they don't know waht that is.

in my mind ows will fail. in this form at least.

but the next form that continues to build upon the disparity that's constantly growing, well that might stick....and that could break this whole thing loose.

as for now, wall street execs are laughing all the way to the bank.

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