Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snyder in Mich Stealing from Poor giving to rich?

Monsanto runs the government?!?!?!

I understand fiscal conservatism, but why do Republicans insist on destroying Michigan?

Snyder is doing what any fiscal conservative would do with a budget shortfall--increase taxes thus increasing spending.

OK, So who will be facing cuts?

Seniors and low income.

1.8 billion

Who gets the money? The budget shortfall? No, big corporations with big taxes.

Yes, Republicans should be VERY proud that we continue the spiral of fattening the wealthiest among us........

So, I also get cutting back on salaries, government workers, etc. But if we pull funding from local officials only to replace them with appointed Republican Snyder cronies... Uh oh.

Anywho, would to hear from the other side too.

And not the 'Republican' side, I think Democrat or Republican both have been selling out.

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