Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unions are Communists in Disguise


Please, stick around for a conversation, unlike the Democrats who high-tailed it out of Wisconsin. But please, don't be an idiot and liken unions to communists.

You're unfortunately an uneducated fool if you do.

In the case of Madison its the public-sector unions in the spotlight. Maybe we need more private sector unions to help out the wage gap. Do CEOs really deserve 100s of billions in bonuses every year? It's a rock and hard place dilemma in Madison cause it seems that there is a conflict of interest in public-sector unions fighting against the tax payers and voters by trying to effectively overturn the election results in Wisconsin.

I'm not naive to assume the Unions are simply defending the workers well being and their livelihood, there's always a bigger picture. But it had nothing to with patriotism or communism.

Follow this closely, it might start something in the US that will make us all better off, wel lmaybe not the top 1000 wealthiest, but they can go live their days in Cuba if they think this country is ripping them off.

Anyways, I gotta head off and pick somethings up at Wal-Mart. after all, they do have the cheapest prices, post the biggest profits, have the largest bonuses, and pay their workers the least. I like (not.)

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