Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nail bitter to the end

For a moment a nation was on the edge, and if you were (are) a Republican then you had increasing expectations leading up to election day that perhaps this was the year Mitt was going to pull it off. Democrats on election day itself had an early scare as results trickled in.

But after all was said and done the contest wasn't close, there was a clear victory. Despite what Karl 'Idiot' Rove suggests, the election results were never in doubt. Obama handedly won his second term and the Democrats took the popular vote.

It was close, however. The nation itself remains polarized. And frankly, what's causing us to stay in the miry clay is the ineptitude of Congress. Republican President may have meant the cry babies in Congress would've been working rather than stalling.

But now we have another frustrating four years. If Obama could get work done he would, but lawmakers need to work together, we hope, to pull the nation out of its economic slump and push it as leaders for the world tomorrow.

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